Executive Leadership Team

Sam Gough
Sam Gough

M.A. Loughborough University, Education
M.A. Kean University, Educational Administration & Leadership
B.A. De Montfort University, Sports Science
New Jersey School Superintendent's License

Jim Dugan
Jim Dugan

B.A. Gettysburg College Management & Economics

"Supporting the journey of today's youth - tomorrow's leaders. Think for yourself. Challenge assumptions. Show courage & compassion. Be the best listener in every room"

Marisol Portilla

B.S. Tufts University Engineering. M.S. Carnegie Mellon Information Networking

"Resilience is never truly achieved alone, it requires productive struggle driven by a collective and compelling purpose"

SALA Professional Educators

Vishal Sandhu

Juris Doctor Rutgers University School of Law
B.S. Illinois State University, Legal Studies
B.A. University of Illinois-Chicago, Political Science, Criminal Law & Justice

"In a place 3,000 miles away from home - I found SALA to be my Family"

Brielle Severn
Brielle Severn

M.S. Rutgers University, Biology
B.A. Drew University, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

"I love Marine Biology and have encountered a large shark during SCUBA dives in Florida"

Laura Hunter

M.S. Rowan University, Teaching
B.A. Rowan University, English & Political Science

"SALA feels like family, and it rights all the wrongs that I feel I went through in my own educational journey"

Melissa Coleman

B.A. Brigham Young University Education

"I was a competitive gymnast at BYU and I am a lifelong learner who loves gardening, spending time with my family and traveling"

Scott Middlemass

Player Development Director and Academy Head Coach

Fran Schmutz

B.A. Rowan University, Liberal Studies

Elizabeth Lansing

B.A. Duke University, Psychology
M.A University of Arizona, International Security

Matthew Reeves

B.A. Manhattanville College, Psychology & English

Kathy Gorski

M.A. Kean University, School Counselor

adam jones

Basketball Director & Professional Educator

nicole stokley

Professional Educator

katie harmon

Professional Educator