professional pathways

SALA aims to safeguard talented young people from school – club conflict by unifying both worlds through cultural commonality and contemporary instructional design. Ultimately, the first factory model element to be relaxed during the recent global crisis was the industrial age seat time requirement…now that we have no more snow days we are realizing that learning is no longer constrained by time and place (not that it ever was), thus providing gifted and talented scholar athletes the flexibility in their schooling to pursue their dreams.

There is an implicit expectation on young players to prioritize their education or their sport, instead of taking a balanced, integrated approach to both. The confluence of school seat time requirements and increased club contact time necessary for accelerated development, has historically placed a significant burden and stress on the families of gifted scholar athletes. Players and families before now have faced a constant balancing/juggling act to maintain academic standing while dedicating the necessary time to their sport.