Leadership Training & Youth Mentoring
SALA post-graduate scholar athletes will take part in school community leadership training offerings and will gain valuable experience working with younger scholar-athletes in a variety of "peer-mentoring" activities.
Internships & Volunteer Work Experiences
SALA post-graduate scholar athletes will be supported in obtaining internships and opportunities to gain relevant work experience in their specific areas of interest.
Holistic Fitness
Access to SALA's physical enrichment programs such as Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Speed & Agility etc.
Continuing Education
Programs of study through a variety of educational services. SALA faculty will provide course selection guidance and ongoing support.
Sports & Leadership PG Program
Post graduate study in sports and leadership can help you achieve your goals. Contact us at
Soccer Matches
Showcase games with SALA "Senior Team" - Expect 5-6 match opportunities for PG players during the school year.
Post-SALA Pathways
SALA post-graduate scholar athletes will receive guidance customized to their specific needs as they prepare for "what comes next." This program feature includes both college search, application and recruitment support for those planning to move on to college athletics. SALA will also provide career and/or trade school support and guidance for those planning to move into the workforce rather than attend college.
This program feature will provide a total of 10 hours of small group instruction for those scholar athletes taking college entrance exams. SALA Post-Grads will be expected to work at home and prepare for group classes which will be offered in the weeks prior to SAT/ACT test dates.
Soccer Training
Access to SALA on-field training sessions at either school location

SALA is excited to announce the launch of a Post-Graduate Studies Program in Sports & Leadership. This new SALA option is well-suited for high school graduates interested in continued personal development and maximizing their college and career choices. 


Young people have traditionally chosen gap-year options through a private school postgraduate program for a variety of reasons; professional work experience, internships, volunteer experience, further educational opportunities, travel, to increase college academic and/or athletic financial assistance, and to continue to pursue a genuine passion before starting college. 


Interested scholar athletes may contact us to discuss their college and career aspirations, and find out how a postgraduate study in sports and leadership can help you achieve your goals.  Contact us at for more information.

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