Why "Leadership"?

We know that when young people own their own learning experiences, they become iterative-thinking, growth-minded, creative experimenters who can think outside of the box. This “self-direction” will be of paramount importance in producing the next generation of leaders and learners. #selfdirectedlearning  


At Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy, we believe in young people. We believe they are intelligent, resilient, and at least as capable as we were at their age. Consequently, we want our scholar athletes to fail. We want them to productively struggle; because all successful people embrace challenge and experience choice. Our faculty will operate the elevator at all times, but not necessarily push the button for each floor. #productivestruggle

As “the village raising the child”, why does society insist on bubble-wrapping young people? Why do we insist on monitoring them constantly, in person or via video smart-phone apps, from birth-day to leaving (for college) day? Why don’t we trust them to do anything safely or successfully on their own? It is probably because of the twin fears limiting the growth mindset we wish to imbue in others: either we fear that our kids will be stolen, or we fear that they won’t get into Princeton. #voiceandchoice


Treating young people as remarkably vulnerable is bad for their future and ours. We need creative, flexible problem solvers. They can’t solve their own problems if an adult is there at the first sign of trouble, always solving said problems first. This is why in the media, “helicopter parenting” has been replaced with the more pertinent “lawnmower parenting”; mowing down any potential problems to minimize perceived discomfort. This is the very antithesis of productive struggle and growth mindset. #growthmindset

The winners of tomorrow are comfortable with risk, able to deal with failure, and do not see themselves as fragile. At SALA, we trust kids to mess things up, figure things out, mess things up again, and make their way in the world just as generations before them did. It is wrong to act as if this generation needs more hand-holding, censorship and coddling than we did. Indeed, to fully-develop resiliency, they need less. #resiliency

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